Welcome to the Personal Connection Track, where personal transformation is at your finger tips!  Sherry has designed two main connection paths for you to choose in this track:  Spiritual Focus or Growth Coaching.  Both pathways will take you on a journey of growth as you invest in gaining balance, clarity, and courage to live your best life starting today.

Life has a way of keeping us on our toes which can make us vulnerable to living off balance periodically.   I definitely experience that feeling on a regular basis.   Between managing my three children, staying engaged with my Army husband, and my professional volunteer activities, life keeps me on my toes.   I discovered that a key to experience the security of balance has been through having a purposeful personal growth plan established.   My investment really pays off when the unexpected things of life happen.   How?  It has established a solid foundation for me to steady myself with my established priorities and purpose for life.  I used to get distracted and off course.  Now I have a new awareness and get myself back on track with clarity and confidence I’m moving in the best direction.

Personal growth is where we find and maintain our balance and focus in life.  When we are learning and expanding our awareness of ourselves and how we are essential in the big picture of life we gain clarity.  The more we put our plan into action, the more we develop the courage to keep going.  I hope you will invest in yourself.  You, too, can develop your balance, clarity, and courage to live your best life starting today. [/expand]

Discover which path is best for you……..

Spiritual Focus

Whether you have just begun your search into spiritual things or consider yourself well versed, R Connection Point’s Spiritual Focus is a place to grow in your spiritual knowledge.

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Growth Coaching

Coaching develops emotional intelligence and conscious awareness by providing a connection between individuals with the purpose to achieve transformational change. Below you’ll see three growth coaching tracks: Spiritual, Personal, and Professional.

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New ways to get linked in with Sherry through different events on Facebook and  upcoming training events.

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