• Founder Sherry Eifler

    Author, Coach, Trainer, Speaker at The John Maxwell Team

Whether you have just begun your search into spiritual things or consider yourself well versed, R Connection Point’s Spiritual Focus is a place to grow in your spiritual knowledge.

The two main personal spiritual focus opportunities are, Bible Study and Spiritual Growth Coaching.  Both are designed for those who are looking for spiritual transformation; those individuals who are in search of bridging the gap between what they know they should do and actually doing it.   At our core, we have a yearning and knowledge that there is more to life than what we are experiencing.  It is this yearning that drives us to dig deeper into our soul.

Dig deeper with a spiritual focus through:

Bible Study:

Royal Reflections- The Making of a Warrior Princess by Sherry Eifler:   Learn More 

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Spiritual Growth Coaching:

Personal Coaching with a ministry focus is the right choice for you if your desire is for more meaning and fulfillment in life. Coaching will help you dig deeper and discover the power of purposeful spiritual growth.    Learn More

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Personal spiritual focus is centered on Bible study.

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