Welcome to the Team Connection Track!  What is your dream for your team?   Do you see their potential but struggle to get them to the next level?   R Connection Point has two main connection tracks to help your team achieve their dream; Ministry Team Focus and Leadership Team Focus.  Multiply your team’s potential by investing in their personal development.  [expand title=”Read More“]

Ministry teams and organizations come in all shapes and sizes but at the core they all need teamwork to be effective.   In the leadership world with John Maxwell, a pastor and now world renowned leadership expert, I have learned the truth behind John’s statement “Everything rises and falls on leadership.”  Behind every team’s success or failure there is a leader.   The ability of a leader to develop their team makes the difference between success, failure, and learning.   Team development takes time and money but the rewards always equal a worthwhile investment.

I had my first glimpse of this principle, before I even knew what it was, as a senior in High School. I found myself selected to be the captain of my swim team, it was a huge honor.   Coach decided to invest in our team through visualization training and goal setting.  This was a new concept for my little hometown, but he had a dream for us and saw potential in us.  After going through the training we became a unified front with team goals that would be achieved by us all reaching our personal goals.  We were league champions for the first time and had the highest number of state qualifiers ever but most importantly we learned the value of a team.  Coach was the first person to see my potential as a leader.  I’m so thankful he invested in me and my future teams. [/expand]

Invest in your team.  You can be the catalyst that will take your team to the next level.

Ministry Team Focus 

Serving others is at the core of ministry.  It is also at the center of who Christ is as our example for what love in action looks like.  What is the most difficult part of serving others for your team?  I will take a guess that you are thinking of either the people you are serving or the people you are serving along side.   Bottom line, our biggest challenges in ministry are centered around  PEOPLE.   Conquer the challenge by developing your people.

Leadership Team Focus

Develop Your Team

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