• Founder Sherry Eifler

    Author, Coach, Trainer, Speaker at The John Maxwell Team

“Meet our “Serving Beyond”

Partner Victor Marx with ATP Ministries. We give $0.25 for every person we train.   Our Faith Connection business gives $1.00 for each book sold and $0.25 for person trained in leadership.


 Connecting Through Giving

What is “connecting through giving”? 

First, it is where you will learn more about what is at the heart of R Connection Point.   Second, it is where you can learn about opportunities to build up the body of Christ.

The heart behind “connecting through giving”: 

Building one another up and doing our part in the body of Christ is a foundational principle behind the purpose of R Connection Point.   We would like to encourage you to consider how you can and will build others up.  Giving of ourselves is one of ways we can do just that.    There are many facets of giving; we can give out of our time or resources as we pour into a related area of our life’s passion and purposes.  Our giving will look different.  The beauty is our connection through giving ~ the heart behind the giving is one for Christ!

Giving with “Royal Reflections”:

Every Bible study book purchased equals a donation to a mission that reflects the heart of a warrior princess!   R Connection Point has teamed up with the non-profit, ATP Ministries with Victor Marx, as our way of connecting through giving.   The heart of ATP Ministries represents the heart of God; love for the lost, love for the innocent children, and love for the orphans and widows.   Please take time to get to know Victor and his team.