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Are you ready to celebrate your children and to stress less as a parent?

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Set your family up for success?

Many families who said “homeschooling is NOT for me” are now taking on the unexpected role.   Are you one of those families? Are you trying to figure out where to start and how to keep a harmonious home?

Our CEO, Sherry Eifler,  was a homeschool mom back in the day and can relate to some of your struggles, especially if you have more than one child at home. She has been thinking about you and wondering how she can help you as you meet this amazing unexpected challenge. Then Sherry remembered she has an amazing tool in her kaleidoscope toolbox to share with you. It is a tool that will help you understand your child better and give you insight into what motivates them so you can communicate more effectively. Can you feel the harmony already starting to flow?

Sherry has been sharing this tool in retreats, military trainings, and my family with great success for a while now. Now, she is thrilled to put this tool in the hands of kids, parents, and teachers.

Here’s what to expect in the free workshop:
  • Discover new tools to communicate positively with your family so that there’s less yelling, fewer frustrations, less crying, and less need to hide in the closet.
  • Learn how to recognize stress characteristics in your children so you don’t overreact and instead respond positively, speak kindly and combat the stress
  • How to start feeding your child’s future instead of accidentally feeding the fear.

she can’t wait to Share these tools!

If you’re ready to stress less, then this workshop is for you.
Be sure to sign up today! We look forward to seeing you there.

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Get ready to stress less.