• Founder Sherry Eifler

    Author, Coach, Trainer, Speaker at The John Maxwell Team

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Sherry’s Approach

Life has a way of getting in the way of our best intentions.  Before we know it we find ourselves frustrated and living life out of focus.  It happens to the best of us.  Our identity gets clouded in our personal or professional life and we find ourselves searching for the courage take the next step.

How can we regain our clarity and develop the courage to intentionally move in the direction the is best for us today?  Be encouraged!  The first step to living with clarity and intentional courage is becoming aware that you’re living out of focus.  Awareness is the first step to meaningful growth.

Sherry’s passion to meet people where they are led her to establish R Connection Point- a company that is built on designing transforming programs with you at heart to rally, connect, and propel it’s clients.  We are here for you and your team.

Meet Sherry Eifler

An Army Veteran and the founder CEO of R Connection Point Sherry connects with her clients to provide a personal approach.  She has regularly been called, “a gift” by community leaders in which she serves.  Sherry in known for the way she speaks from the heart; each event is engaging and professionally enhanced through her kaleidoscope of experiences, certifications, and talents as a business owner, author, and Executive Director with The John Maxwell Team.  She is best known for the multi-faceted approach used to propel her clients to live their purpose with power and achieve the success they see.

Sherry is honored to work alongside many diverse organizations where she designs game changing transformational programs according to their desired outcome.   Most recently she took part in the Army Expeditionary Warrior Experiments to test her program for improved interpersonal skills for mission success. Sherry continues to share her faith journey through her newly published collaborative book “Brave Women, Strong Faith- Inspiring Stories by Military Women and Wives  and Bible Study “Royal Reflections- The Making of a Warrior Princess”. Discover more at (www.sherryeifler.com).

A former soldier turned devoted Army wife and mom; Sherry makes home where the Army sends her.  The threads of faith, family, and friendship run through all that Sherry does. She can be found out in nature or exploring one of the local “don’t miss” events with her cherished family and friends to recharge.