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    Author, Coach, Trainer, Speaker at The John Maxwell Team

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Experienced leader, Sherry Eifler, an Army Veteran with the heart of a devoted Army spouse is R Connection Point’s Founder and CEO. Sherry employs her combined twenty nine years of hands on leadership experience with her Executive Director role with The John Maxwell Team to empower the R Connection Point team as the lead Personal Executive Consultant, Speaker, and leadership trainer to rally, connect, and propel her team and those they serve.

About R Connection Point

R Connection Point’s purpose is to upgrade the mindset of our clients, both faith based and faith neutral organizations, to empower them to achieve the success they see.   We intentionally connect and propel each client to purposefully achieve their desired outcome.  Our team meets each professional client where they are and equip them to rise to the next level.  We design individual transformation plans and lead the process to motivate clients to intentionally navigate the transformation process and successfully put power in their purpose.

R Connection Point is  a Veteran and Military Spouse owned company determined to inspire each client to move from where they are to where there purpose is leading them.  Our founder, Sherry Eifler, established R Connection Point as company that transforms lives.  Her faith is at the foundation.  Sherry commits whatever she does to the Lord trusting he will establish her business plans (Proverbs 16:3).

Since the company was incorporated in the Winter of 2018 we have transformed from a solely faith based transformation focus through Bible Study, retreats, and small group leadership training to a much broader focus reaching out to Military Entrepreneurs and other faith neutral organizations.  One thing remains the same we continue to purposefully design transformation programs with you at heart.

Most recently, R Connection Point, represented by Sherry, participated in the Army Expeditionary Warrior Experiments (AEWE), conducted at the Army’s Maneuver of Excellence Center, Fort Benning, Georgia, as a member of the HOPE(Human Optimal Performance Enhancements) Squad performance experiment.  Where she trained a squad of Infantry Soldiers in the skills and benefits of  The Maxwell DISC assessment and communication development for individuals and team. We are looking forward to the techical paper release any day.

Additionally,  we created a new Executive Collaborative Retreat curriculum and conducted our first destination retreat for seven women business executives in Hawaii.  The Hawaii Collaboration Retreat was a success with the group getting a spotlight at a Facebook Civic Dinner for businesses.   Representing R Connection Point, Sherry served as the Keynote speaker for two separate 75th Ranger Regiment Spouse Retreats and just concluded a series of Family Tools virtual workshops to equip parents to move from stressed to best.  Both the retreat and workshop featured The Maxwell DISC communication development tools.

We are here for you and your team to help put power in your purpose as we equip you to upgrade your mindset to achieve the success that you see.

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Endorsements and Awards:

Sherry is an engaging, talented expert in the field of leadership and behavioral science with an outstanding ability to provide dynamic training programs and techniques combining expertise, coaching, and interaction.  The impact her training provided to the Soldiers assigned to the Experimental Force during the 2020 AEWE (Army Expeditionary Warrior Experiment) at Fort Benning was highlighted  for increasing team cohesion and communication during the analytical team’s findings!

Trey Johnson

Soldiers Greenbook
Human Optimization Performance Enhancements (HOPE)
Project Lead
US Army Pacific
I’ve had the privilege of being coached by Sherry. She provided business coaching to me as an entrepreneur juggling multiple businesses. Her direction was clear and concise. She was always prompt and easily accessible. I would definitely recommend her. Sherry’s expert experience in combination with her spiritual awareness, helped me make logical and intentional decisions in my business.
Marla Bautista,
Owner The Bautista Project Inc

Author, Freelance Writer, Speaker

Armed Forces Insurance 2018 & 2019 Military Spouse of the Year (Fort Drum)

It is always good to reexamine our focus and purposes as we strive to do our best work. Sherry’s insight and leadership in examining personal strengths and working with others was invaluable. It provided me with a fresh perspective as I contemplate new directions and initiatives.

Sherry provided a strong, organized, and focused planning retreat for our group at the Hawaii Collaboration Retreat. She was able to keep us on task but allow brainstorming and creativity in our discussion. Her expertise as a planner was evident in the organized pre-retreat planning sheets she provided to make the best use of our time together.

I highly recommend Sherry. Her depth of personal experiences, professional background, and leadership training is a great resource for your group or business.

Elaine Brye
Be Safe, Love Mom: A Military Mom’s Stories of Courage, Comfort, and Surviving Life on the Homefront

Sherry helped me get re-focused and back on track with completing my personal and professional goals. She came to Oahu In November 2019 for our small group —Hawaii Collaboration Retreat. Sherry led the team through a well structured, organized and engaging process which resulted in many new “aha“ moments of self discovery for me and the rest of the group. I’m definitely looking forward to future collaborations with R Connection Point.

Josephine (Jo) Barrientos
Founder, USVETS6
Administrative Officer, 8th Theater Sustainment Command

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