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The Triple H~ Harmony in the Home turned Hub

Covid-19 has us  still working from home, schooling from home, and we’re supposed to stay calm in our home, now turned hub.   How is that combination working for your household?

Home has become more than it was designed or expected to be for most of us, so what are we to do? Give into the chaos and clean up the mess once this storm passes?   How has that been working?  Till now, it may have been the only option.

What if you could learn a new way to connect and communicate with your family?  One proven to not just build harmony in the home but also increase each student’s success in the classroom?

Connect Now

I can’t wait to share this amazing harmony building tool with your family.   Proven and designed to increase communication effectiveness through personal awareness this tool is a life changer. It is an assessment that measures personal preferences and the results reveal an individuals communication behavior style.   Our awareness of our own communication style and the style of others empowers us to communicate with more intentionality. Being intentional in our communication leads to better understanding and connection. Does that sound like harmony to you?

Harmony Express

Harmony has left the hub!

The calm and kindness we desire to share is negated as misunderstandings explode into words left unspoken and regret of words released. The tension is escalating and our patience is regularly tested. We have found ourselves challenged to manage time, space, and expectations of people of all ages, for more than just the weekend.   We struggle to maintain harmony in our home as the uncertainty of COVID continues to hover.

Release Tension

Why can’t we all just get along?

Have you ever wondered why someone seems to just not understand what you are telling them; after you have repeated it three or more different times?   Miscommunication and frustration are indicators people have different communication styles.  When we add the understanding of how our style differs from other’s styles we begin to lighten the burden of communicating with success.

My Style?

Even children have different communication styles than their parents.   Are you surprised? It explains why one child will understand our directions quickly and the other will need another explanation.

Communication is our connection point with the people in our lives. It is a worthwhile investment that will keep increasing in value.

We have this amazing tool for students’ ages 8-12 in our toolkit to share with families. We can’t wait for families to experience the joys of communicating with greater success that will spill over into their education both while they are home with you now and in their future classrooms.   That is why we are offering a brief training on the Student Success Report assessment benefits and applications for students, parents, and teachers.   Space will be limited and you can count on special back to school prices.

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Still not sure this is for your family?   Our founder, Sherry Eifler, was a home school mother and she will be giving the training herself.  She wishes she had this tool for her family because it would have answered so many questions and removed communication barriers that stalled her children’s learning.   The Student Success Report has a portion for the student, parent, and teacher. The purpose of the report is to help all three major influences of the student gain a greater understanding in what motivates the individual and how to help them excel in the ways that come natural to each person.   Awareness empowers each participant in the success and learning process.

Would it be helpful to know if the very words we use to motivate our child are possibly feeding their fear rather than fueling their spirit to soar?   The Student Success Report can help us understand how to fuel the spirit of a child and be the wind beneath their wings as they soar.

R Connection Point wants to provide families with the opportunity to soar on the wind of harmony.   Join us for our next available Student Success Report workshop   We look forward to serving your family.

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